Tetra Music Video


The video I shot for my single “Tetra” is about life. “Yes, of course it’s about life” I hear you thinking. But what we’re trying to portray is, life is a path that unfolds before you, based on decisions you make, small or big. So pay attention to details and try to keep an open mind.

Personally, becoming a professional DJ took me hard work and determination. With ups and downs I became to realize that it’s more important to understand what choices there are to make, instead of just choosing between what ever comes your way. In the video you see me driving my bike to my studio, a trip I take every day. But this day is different, not because of my trip or my destination but because of the details. Me being drawn into the apocalyptic world is a translation of the polarizing effect one decision can make on your entire life, in summary.

But it’s also a video shot at a cool industrial location accompanied by a cool industrial trance track. For you viewing pleasure! 😉