Onstage Radio


As of September my new radio show “On Stage Radio” will be broadcasted and podcasted thru numerous stations and servers across the world. “On Stage Radio” will provide you with the best trance tracks every week with a minimum of gibberish(me talking). Besides sharing my favourite tracks with you, I would love to get in touch with trance lovers from around the globe. When you’ve got something to ask me or if you think you can handle the truth, be bold and send me a message.

FOMB(Front Of My Bag) has been my personal radio show for almost a decade, I’ve enjoyed hosting this show, but it’s time for something new. Follow me on facebook or twitter to stay up to date and be the first to listen to my new show “On Stage Radio”.

Hope to hear from you!

New show "Artento Divini - Onstage Radio 146" up now at https://t.co/oZcDtYdVMg Check it out now!
about 15 hours ago | @artento_Divini